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  • John K. Coyle, a world-leading expert in innovation and design thinking, best-selling author, and Olympic medalist will guide YOU on a fully interactive virtual platform. 

  • This class provides leaders with the tools and mindsets needed to create a culture that empowers teams to develop innovative products and deliver them to market. This virtual platform ensures you retain the skills necessary for the new economic era, the "conceptual age."

  • Micro-learning modules with engaging videos, concise downloadable summaries, and self-reflections to test what you learn.

Using data-driven frameworks and powerful narratives from business and sports, John K. Coyle leverages his long immersion in “Design Thinking” to equip you with the tools to make an immediate impact.

The Innovation Leadership Development Series includes 7 content-rich courses & bonus materials.

Or, you can purchase individual courses a la carte.

Innovation Primer and Mindsets

Innovation is hard, but not if you have been given the right tools and mindsets. This course includes:

• Innovation primer (what is effective innovation) and where an organization should invest its resources.

• Introduction to two innovation archetypes (personalities) that are essential for innovation to succeed - Creative Visionaries and Operators.

• Discover the pitfalls of not having a good balance of these archetypes.

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Innovation Processes, Tools and Culture

Design Thinking is a powerful tool for innovating and solving problems. John K. Coyle has been immersed in Design Thinking since his days at Stanford, where David Kelley (founder of IDEO and close advisor to Steve Jobs) was his academic advisor. In this course, John will start by introducing you to Design Thinking.

Knowing about Design Thinking is not enough - leaders must also create a workplace culture that nurtures and encourages innovation.

This course includes:

• Design Thinking overview and explanation.

• How to create (and how not to create) a culture of innovation.

• We’ve seen the Agricultural, Industrial and Information Ages – now it is time to prepare for the new economic era – the Conceptual Age.

• Leadership skills for the Conceptual Age.

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Innovation Kryptonite: Knower vs. Learner

Some well-intentioned leadership behaviors have unintended consequences that can kill innovation efforts and cause employee departures. Based on case studies, learn the key characteristics of the “knower” mindset (closed to innovation) and the “learner” mindset (open to innovation).

Discover language and tools you can immediately put into practice to encourage the learner mindset to flourish, boost employee retention, and kick-start innovation on an individual and group level.

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The Resilient Innovation Leader

Leading innovation is hard, You are going to face extreme challenges and difficulties. In this course, Innovation leaders will:

• Learn the neuroscience of stress and performance.

• Discover three essential and simple resilience-boosting techniques to begin using today.

• Explore a new model of resiliency, one where proactive challenges are designed to build capacity for even greater performance under pressure and adversity.

• Master the 3 R’s – Reduce, Recover and Reframe.

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Innovation Antibodies

When change is coming, and the pressure is on, unpleasant drama can rear its ugly head. Teams can fall into a “conflict cycle” that include people who act as victim, rescuer, and persecutor.

Learn to identify this behavior, then reframe it and create a healthy innovation ecosystem with the roles of coach, challenger, and innovator.

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Design Thinking For Strengths-Based Leadership

Innovation leaders must lead with their strengths. In this course, through the metaphor of sport, you will:

• Apply the Design Thinking process to your personal strengths and weaknesses.

• Uncover hidden strengths or blind-spot weaknesses.

• Become empowered to leverage your unique strengths (and design around weaknesses).

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Design Thinking For Your Team and Your Business

Innovation Leaders will succeed only by drawing on the strengths of their teams. With this course, you will:

• Understand how Design Thinking Applies to Teams.

• Assess strengths and weaknesses of key players on your team and apply Design Thinking to leverage the results.

• Apply Design Thinking to a business problem.

• Appreciate how much Innovation Leadership matters.

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Bonus Materials

Extra Credit and advanced topics for Design Thinking Academy Insiders.

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John K. Coyle

John is one of the world's leading experts in "Design Thinking” and Innovation. John's courses will fully engage you because he combines the exhilarating stories of a champion athlete with the data and intellect of a professor and best-selling author. 

John is the founder of the Design Thinking Academy, and a graduate of Stanford University with a degree in Engineering - Product Design (Design Thinking) and Northwestern’s Kellogg Graduate School with an MBA in organizational behavior, marketing and entrepreneurship. He has served as head of innovation for a Fortune 500 wireless telecom and SVP of innovation for a leading strategy consultancy.

John is a world class athlete in two sports (cycling and speedskating) and an Olympic silver medalist, as well as an NBC Olympic Sports analyst, and a guest lecturer on Innovation at several leading universities (Kellogg, Marquette, CEDIM). John is a two time TEDx speaker, and an award-winning author of two books, including the 2018 best seller: Design For Strengths: Applying Design Thinking to Individual and Team Strengths. 

Your enrollment includes all this:

  • Seven courses loaded with 35 instructional videos from John K. Coyle, reinforcement tools and reflection questions
  • Content-rich downloadable materials
  • Available anytime on your mobile device or PC
  • Bonus content for Design Thinking Insiders

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