Design Thinking is a powerful tool for innovating and solving problems. John K. Coyle has been immersed in Design Thinking since his days at Stanford, where David Kelley (founder of IDEO and close advisor to Steve Jobs) was his academic advisor. In this course, John will start by introducing you to Design Thinking.

Knowing about Design Thinking is not enough - leaders must also create a workplace culture that nurtures and encourages innovation. This course includes:

• Design Thinking overview and explanation.

• How to create (and how not to create) a culture of innovation.

• We’ve seen the Agricultural, Industrial and Information Ages – now it is time to prepare for the new economic era – the Conceptual Age.

• Leadership skills for the Conceptual Age.

John K. Coyle

John is one of the world's leading experts in "Design Thinking” and Innovation. John's courses will fully engage you because he combines the exhilarating stories of a champion athlete with the data and intellect of a professor and best-selling author. 

John has degrees from Stanford University and Northwestern’s Kellogg Graduate School. He served as head of innovation for a Fortune 500 wireless telecom and SVP of innovation for a leading strategy consultancy. John is a world class athlete in cycling and speedskating, an Olympic silver medalist, NBC Olympic Sports analyst, guest lecturer at Kellogg, Marquette and CEDIM universities, and a two-time TEDx speaker.

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